Potionomics is a PC video game about the business side of potion brewing.

ssume the role of a penniless witch named Sylvia who must transform her debt-ridden potion shop into a thriving business.

Along the way, you will encounter mighty (and not-so-mighty) heroes, classic RPG creatures, and a colorful cast of fellow merchants.

As every aspiring entrepreneur knows, customers will be fickle, competition will be fierce, and prices never stay stable.

Potion brewing is as much a science as it is an art. Master your craft while learning new recipes along the way!

Add in some magic and you have a recipe for a magnificent adventure unlike any you’ve ever played before.

Open for Business

Gather ingredients, light your cauldron, and brew up some potions! Master the art of running a potion shop in a fantastical world.

Wheel & Deal

Haggle and negotiate with a slew of demanding customers.

Profit from a Colorful Cast

Interact with fantastic (and not so fantastic) characters that can help you on your way to riches.

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